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who is both a singer and a fan of entertainment, does not hinder himself from singing in the afternoon. This is a good choice for Mr. Zhang, I will be my own. The song is sent to you.�� Luo Yi smiled and said that he agreed to be a ��web singer��. Zhang Yihan listened. He hammered the table with a fist Carton Of Cigarettes. "Too good." He said that he took out a business card from the inside of the jacket and said, "This is my business card. I have my contact information below and WeChat, qq. Thank you. Miss Luo." Luo Yi took the business card, looked at it, looked up and said: "I should thank you." Luo Yi language sitting in front of the computer Cigarettes Online, watching the dialog box shows "the other party has successfully received you The document passed down was relieved. The back leaned against the back of the chair. "'Web singer', ha." Lokyu laughed. "Very good, Miss Luo. I will send this "Missing Afternoon" and "That is Afternoon" to the Internet. Please keep up." Luo Yiyu saw Zhang Yihan's re the song is like a scorpio. ��The online singer��s afternoon��s ��smiley afternoon��s hit rate is almost the first, breaking the record. "The online singer's afternoon song "that is afternoon" has a click-through rate of up to seven million Luo Yi from "afternoon" and found that one-third of entertainment news is about himself. Luo Yi language smiled happily. It seems that Zhang Yihan still has some effort. Thank you, everyone, ah, Mr. Zhang? I am in Luoyi. "Luoyu is leaning against the window Marlboro Red." Well, I am Zhang Yihan. I must have called you because of today's entertainment news! Zhang Yihan guessed the reason for the phone call in Luoyu. "Yeah, I didn't expect my two songs to be so popular Wholesale Cigarettes." "Luo Xiaoxiao chuckle is because your own voice is good to listen to Cigarettes For Sale, and your song arranger is also close to perfection, so it will be so popular." Zhang Yihan also laughed. "For Miss Luo, I may need a few photos of you. Please show it to me." Zhang Yihan said. "Well," answered Luo. In front of the computer, Lokyu picked two photos of her own. Confirmed that the photo has been sent to shut down the computer. "Under the afternoon," she will not miss this opportunity Lancome. Suddenly I thought that I hadn��t come to "afternoon" for a few days because of the "Internet singer". So I rushed to the "afternoon" slang, and now the famous online singer 'Immediately' is you?" Lancome's The words are not dragged with water. "Oh, it's me." Luo Xiaoyu smiled and touched his nose. "Someone said that he didn't want to enter the entertainment circle. Someone said that he would not leave 'afternoon'." Lancome's sour tone made Luo Yan laugh out. "Hey, Lancome, I didn't say I have to leave." In the afternoon, I just asked someone to send my song to the Internet. I didn't expect the click rate to be so much. Like it, so what do you mean by saying, don't leave 'afternoon'? Lan Lan asked. "I am 'afternoon', how can I leave 'afternoon'? "When I finished, I went to the table and sang - "Laughter in the afternoon." The people in the store paid attention to the girl who sang, that is, the "afternoon" that is now on fire, wants to sign, but can't bear to break this. Singing, I want to listen to this song "Hey. Mr. Zhang? I am in Luoyi. "After a week, "afternoon" is really getting more and more red, not only the singing is wonderful, the arrangement is perfect, even the looks are not bad for those actors. Even so, our "afternoon" Luoyu is still You sing songs, take selfies, and go to "afternoon" to sing. "Well, I am, what happened?" Have new songs? Zhang Yihan said. "No, can you please have a meal?" "Luo Yu asked carefully. Zhang Yihan is the head of the singer department of Y?F Entertainment, and he knows if he has time!" No need to eat, please drink coffee! Zhang Yihan said. "Well, then at 2 o'clock this afternoon, we will see you in the afternoon." "Well, see you in the afternoon." "Mr. Zhang! "Luo Yu language saw Zhang Yihan push the door in, stood up and waved. "How come thank you?" Zhang Yihan said, "I want to thank you, let me have the opportunity to let so many people like my song." "Luo Yan smiled. "Well, I actually want to thank you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't hear such a singer's voice. "Zhang Yihan is also modest in the afternoon sun on the glass, and the reflected halo is sprinkled on the face of Luo Yu.
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